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Susanne Höhn
Since 2015 I am working as certified Systemic Facilitator and Coach with clients on professional and personal topics. My clients are invited to explore new perspectives and options to act and to react. My intention is to strengthen the client’s identity and resilience.
Susanne Hoehn
Seit März 2021 bis 9/2022: Lehrauftrag „Best Practice Lerncoaching“ an der Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften München, Fakultät Technische Redaktion

19.04.2021: Workshop „Live events and healing“ on ISCA (International Systemic Constellations Association) Gathering „Thriving together"

22.11.2021: Workshop „Entwicklung, Veränderung, Neustart und Transformation in Bewegung und Balance“ (DGfS, Mainz)

22.03.2022: Workshop „Klima – mein Verhältnis dazu“ (DGfS, Uslar)

23.04.2022: Workshop „Übergänge unterstützen mit körpereigenen Ressourcen“ (DGfS, Köln)

August 2022: Artikel, Susanne Höhn – Polyvagal (Praxis der Systemaufstellung)

15.01.2023: Workshop „Distance and belonging“ für den Verband EIDAS in Griechenland


Workshop DGfS Bayreuth 10.03.2023

ISCA Gathering 2023 Online,worldwide: Workshop „The individual self between the urge for distance to protect oneself and the longing for connection in family/group/teams and society“ 03.05.2023
Affiliate Member: Institute of Coaching (IOC) McLean Hospital
- International Breathwork Foundation IBF
- Climate Coaching Alliance
For Junior Professionals I offer business coaching on an individual basis or for groups. Use cases provide the material to discuss the basic legal and strategical framework for the situations they are dealing with. At the same time core legal capabilities and soft skills are enhanced which has a positive consequence also on colleagues and clients.
Observing a situation can be useful for making important structures visible. Maybe one can find a new good place.
As social beings and as parts of a huge workforce we are under constant fire of low-threshold stress factors. We tend to seek our distance for protecting ourselves and also long for connection and being part of a group. All of us know how to cope with this dilemma surfing successfully between private life challenges and changing working environments. Still we aim to navigate with more ease and humour and, maybe, also feel safer and more connected.

Sometimes it is sufficient to uplift an unconscious pattern or attitude by simple techniques on the body level. What we can define will not trigger us like it might have done in the past. Our perception of the world around us will change as well as our connection to ourselves and others. In addition to that we can leave behind anything that has served us well but now is not necessary any more. We can experience sensoric and emotional sensations outside of the usual known spectrum: Let´s get some fresh air and just feel amazing!
Monthly Practice Studio
Language: English
Follow-up De-Stress Studio:
Monthly Practice Studio
Language: English
Free Drop-In Class:
Webinar Classes in French, Spanish and Portuguese on request (min. 6 participants):

Language: English
Presence workshop Classes in French, Spanish and Portuguese on request (min. 6 participants):
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Susanne Höhn
Weissenseestraße 90
81539 Munich

Tel: 00 49 163 8757148

freiraum - Zentrum für Seminare und Coaching
Saarstraße 5
80797 Munich
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Station Herzogstraße: tram 12 or tram 27
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